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May Goals update

May 29th, 2022 at 12:20 pm

May Goals and stuff


This months goals will be:


Put 1000 into the brokerage account over the course of the month (actually put in close to 1500 but value only increased by 1000 due to fluctuations)

Round up any dividend paying stock that is under $30 so I can get a full share (ex: Unit paid me 2.15 last month so I put an additional $11 with to get a full share in return, in addition to my regular DCA round up stock purchases include: DEA, ET, Good, and MPW. Additional stock purchase include: ABBV, ABR, ABT, AMCR, DIS, ET, FRT, GAIN, GOOD, O, OHI, OMF, PG, PTSL, TD, VICI, VTRS, and WMT


Lose 5 pound check completed

Walk at least 3 miles per day check completed



Invest 1000 into brokerage account over the course of the month (see above)

Cut 10-20% from the grocery total of April shaved 150 from the grocery budget vs march budget!


Read 3 books check completed


Paint living room walls and ceiling NOT completed Frown

I am sure I will do more this month but at least I now have an outline!


Overall, not a bad month, could have been better if I did not end up in the hospital for the better part of a week, but everything is good and back on track!


Comicguy's Intro

April 17th, 2022 at 01:33 pm

Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging and hoping to use it as a way to keep me more motivated on my finacial journey towards retirement.

A little background info:

Currently 52 married to my wife for 30 years! One son who is 29 and married. I have been a teacher now for 18 years 3 years as a substitute and now 15 at my current school. Looking to hit the 20 year mark at my current school to lock in the healh insurance for retirment.

Prior to going back to school at 29 for education, I worked a lot of low paying dead end jobs (retail counter, wharehouse, construction laborer, retail management) Then my big break came when I started my own business which I ran for 6 years before I gave up and went back to college to pursue my degree in teaching high school social studies (BS) and high school special education(MS). After starting my teaching career I stated to make head way on our debt at the same time my wife was able to get a county gov't job (which she is now the director of her department) So the first 5 years of our professional careers we spent paying down debt and started our retirment accounts (she a 457 and me a 403b, both being gov't employees we also have a pension plan as well) we both started with 25/ paycheck (have to start somewhere) while paying down our debt (CC's, studnet loans, personal loans, business loans, etc...) Anyway, we made really good headway and as each was paid off we increased our contributions to current level 500/paycheck (for each of us) to these accounts in addition to other savings accounts accounts (which I am sure I will delve into in a future post). 

Retirement accounts as of now:





Roth - Me

Brokerage-Both (just started end of last year - self managed)


Credit Union Savings-Both

Current Debts as of now:

House- owe about 40K

Vehicles - 2 cars, when it comes to cars we each get a new car about every 10 years as needed. We stager the payments so we don't have 2 car payments at a time (my wife's car is a 2015 Forester, paid) My car is a 2020 Corolla hybrid (3 years left to pay at 0% int). We are not fancy car people just looking for good solid cars that get the job done. We only will buy when interest in .9% or less, no reason for us to finance at a greater rate!

Anyway, I think that will wrap up things for now